Part 4: Where the Ley Lines Cross

I don’t know much about ley lines, but they are much more commonly referred to in Europe and the UK. How amazing to learn I was standing right on them!

Ask and Receive

Sometimes information comes in magical and unexpected ways. That’s how I learned about New Eden Retreat Center in The Netherlands. I had a desire to find a new retreat center in which to hold my weeklong retreats for women, but no drive to seek it out. I asked the Universe to reveal the right one to me.

Where the Ley Lines Cross | Amrita GraceA friend and colleague mentioned to me on the phone one day that she’d been doing some research online and stumbled across a retreat center that looked interesting called “New Eden.” My ears perked right up and I told her I would investigate. In less than a week, I was under contract for a weeklong Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® Retreat for Women in 2020 in The Netherlands.

From Seed to Flower

A wild idea began to gestate… an impulse to use some accumulated airline miles and visit New Eden ahead of the workshop. It’s always so beneficial for me to see and feel a place in person before I teach there. The trip planning blossomed into a full-on pilgrimage to sacred Goddess sites, with the trip to New Eden sandwiched in between Glastonbury and the South of France.

My original intention was to be at New Eden during an event so that I could experience the place in full form, but it didn’t work out that way. I ended up being there during the height of summer, when most of the staff was on holiday, including the owners. They very graciously offered us a room and use of the commercial kitchen even though the place was nearly empty. We met a couple of really nice folks who live onsite… one who was preparing to give a workshop the following week and another staff member who showed us around the rooms and grounds.

More Than Meets the Eye

New Eden Retreat Center | Amrita GraceAt first glance, the retreat center gives the impression of being rather nondescript and somewhat rustic. It’s a large brick building on 50 acres of meadow and forest 1.5 hours outside of Amsterdam. It boasts a modern commercial kitchen, several well-equipped workshop spaces, and a solar-heated pool. The rooms are simple and clean, all ensuite.

Where the Ley Lines Cross | Amrita Grace On deeper investigation, New Eden is revealed as a highly charged energetic container for inner work. The privacy it affords, even outdoors, lends itself beautifully to the potent Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® body of work. Upon speaking with Henk, who lives at New Eden and leads groups of Dutch folks for weeklong cleanses, I learned that there is a ley line that goes right through the building. “In fact,” he said, “there’s a place just outside in a circle of trees where the ley lines cross.” I asked him to take me there.

Where the Ley Lines Cross

Where the Ley Lines Cross | Amrita GraceHenk (a very serious older Dutch man) took off his pink crocheted slipper socks topped with tiny white bunny ears (I didn’t say a word!) and led me barefoot to a circle about 15 feet in diameter anchored by 6 trees. Between them, the land dropped away into bowl about 6 feet deep. He left me there and I spent some time honoring the land and the trees, asking for permission and support for our workshop, and anchoring the energies of our work.

Friesland Flag | Amrita Grace

Flag of Friesland with 6 lily pads

Further research revealed that the Friesland province where New Eden is located is its own special place within Holland. It’s the only one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands to have its own language, West Frisian, which is the native language of over 50% of the inhabitants of the Friesland province. 

Freaky Friesland to Fascinating France

After leaving The Netherlands for France, I received a text from one of the women who lives at the retreat center that I met while staying there. After meeting me and looking at our website, she wants to attend the retreat. What I’m feeling is that between New Eden Retreat Center and Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing®, we have a very expansive opportunity for transformation way beyond anything we can imagine right now.

We schedule retreats like this a year or more into the future to give women time to plan for them financially. NOW IS THE TIME to register for this retreat and have the lowest possible tuition and payment plan. There’s a $500 super early-bird discount available… take advantage of this now and we’ll set you up with a monthly zero-interest payment plan that will never be lower than it is at this moment. Remember, once you make the commitment, the support you need will appear in all ways… from finances to child care to time off work.

The Year of World Transformation

2020 is the Year of World Transformation (I hereby declare). The way that works is that you transform YOURSELF, letting go of all that no longer serves you so you can be an overflowing chalice of love, abundance, and inspiration just by being YOU!

Be sure to look over the beautiful web page and reach out to me if you have any questions.

Part 5 is a very exciting and sometimes scary adventure into the wilderness of Provence to find a mythical place called The Yoni of the Goddess – The Cave of Eggs.

With big love and blessings, Amrita

About Amrita

Amrita Grace is fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power through Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® workshops, retreats, and teacher certification trainings designed by women, for women. She’s the award-winning, international bestselling author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness” and “Dancing with Breast Cancer-The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness,” a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, an Ordained High Priestess, and Co-Founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School.
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2 Responses to Part 4: Where the Ley Lines Cross

  1. Carol O says:

    This morning you came into my mind and I realized I hadn’t heard from you in a while, then I sensed / heard “Amrita is having quite a profound experience.”

    I opened my emailed a few hours later and, well, there you are! The photo of you at the Well speaks volumes.

    I am looking forward to the Sacred Feminine retreat in Loveland at the end of August!

    With Love & Blessings,

    • Amrita says:

      Carol, I also look forward to our precious time together in a circle of women… and all that I will bring back with me from this incredible sacred feminine journey!

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