Sexual Healing – The Leading Edge of Personal Growth

Have you done a ton of healing and personal growth work and yet still feel disconnected from your sexuality? I had this exact experience after going through several years of therapy and a variety of personal growth workshops in the late 1990’s. I had to face the fact that none of the work I had done so far addressed my sexual wounding. It was back to the drawing board.

The Miracle of Sexual Healing

Then, by some miracle, I found my way to a school that taught high-integrity sexual healing. I took a weekend for women, signed on for the 2-year certification program, and never left. I moved quickly through the ranks from student to assistant to teacher to administrator to director of the school until it closed in 2012. A few months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tools I had gained from my sexual healing and awakening work helped me clear cancer quickly, joyously, and with tremendous ease.

Making it Accessible

In 2017, I received a powerful and compelling global vision and it was abundantly clear that I was charged with making Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® much more widespread and accessible. I knew it was time to train facilitators and The Sacred Feminine Mystery School® was born.

Clearing Lifetimes of Trauma

Because we bring a ceremonial element to the work, it is quite multi-dimensional. What that means is that natural altered states of consciousness become accessible. Subtle altered states often lead to visions of past lives being healed and assistance from higher guidance. Ancestral trauma can be cleared in a very short space of time. These are just a few examples of what’s possible even in a very short, fully clothed sexual healing session.

Powerful, Safe, Feminine

The fully clothed Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® (also known as The AH Practice®) was developed by Caroline Muir. It’s the most powerful, safe, feminine, and accessible sexual healing modality available today, and it continues to evolve and spiral deeper into the feminine. I love teaching this work and witnessing the miracles that people experience as a result of loving, healing energy work with permission, presence, and no agenda is brought to their bodies, including their lower chakras. Leaving out the lower chakras is the missing piece in all the other healing modalities. The lower chakras are strictly off limits, and that’s totally appropriate.

Bring on the Blessings

It’s time for something new and I’m here to bring it to the world… this is what I was born to do! I love teaching The AH Practice, which I have been immersed in since 2005. This practice helped me fully heal my sexuality and attract an amazing and beautiful beloved relationship into my life. It’s time for this potent work to be available to everyone who wants to live a fully integrated life.

You Can Have it, Too!

If you feel called to learn more, please visit our events page. Applications are being accepted for our teacher and practitioner training Certification Program for 2020. I am beyond thrilled and very honored to be fulfilling my sacred purpose on this planet in this way.

With immense gratitude and love, Amrita



About Amrita

Amrita Grace is fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power through Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® workshops, retreats, and teacher certification trainings designed by women, for women. She’s the award-winning, international bestselling author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness” and “Dancing with Breast Cancer-The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness,” a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, an Ordained High Priestess, and Co-Founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School.
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2 Responses to Sexual Healing – The Leading Edge of Personal Growth

  1. Mary says:

    Dearest Amrita, it is a joy to hear from you, and to
    read about your unfolding and teaching.
    If you ever plan to come back to Oakland,
    I am interested in a session.
    Much love and light to you ~

    • Amrita says:

      Dearest Mary… I would love to see you again and visit Asha from time to time. I was just there last month, in fact! I will touch in with you next time I’m in the Bay Area. Much, much love to you Dear Sister!

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