Mary Magdalene the Spiritual Teacher – Part 2: Following a Trail of Red Rose Petals

Mary Magdalene | Spiritual Teacher | Red Rose Petals | Amrita Grace

“Mary Magdalene” by Andrea Solari (1460-1524) Milan, Italy


In a bright moment of awakening (accompanied by a sense of being betrayed by the church’s misinformation), I learned that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, but a revered disciple, spiritual teacher, and partner to Jesus. It was like an enormous puzzle piece falling into place. Since then, I’ve been following a trail of red rose petals.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Balance

It’s sometime in the mid-2000’s, and like zillions of other people, I’m reading The DaVinci Code. I know the book is fictional, but the story feels infinitely plausible. I realize that the relationship between Mary and Jesus has been misrepresented – grossly misrepresented – by the church. It’s one of the definitive moments of my spiritual life.

The story feels true deep in my bones. It makes perfect sense. Of course the Divine Masculine has a Divine Feminine counterpart! This information once again confirms to me that man’s (and men’s) version of Christianity seeks to control the Divine Feminine and the innate power of women as the givers of life. No wonder I’ve been seeking a path of spirituality that resonates at a much deeper level than the bland, tepid Christianity I grew up with!

Face the Moon, Dear!

During this time, I am studying the path of Priestess in the Dianic Wiccan tradition and the lineage of feminist author, spiritual teacher, activist, playwright, and songwriter Zsuzsanna “Z” Budapest. I meet Z during a full moon ceremony near her home in the Oakland Hills in 1999. I’m a brand new priestess, not even initiated yet, at my first full moon ceremony. Z picks up a candle from the picnic table and asks, “Whose is this?”. I step up to be the first to honor Luna. As I hold my candle to the sky, Z takes my shoulders, turns me to face the moon, and says, “This way… face the moon, Dear.” As embarrassing as it was at the time, I remember it now to acknowledge how far I’ve come in the last 20 years!

Mary Magdalene is a Goddess archetype of the highest order, an ascended master who chose to embody in human form to assist and support the prophesied Messiah. But it would be many years yet before she pierced the veil to work directly with me, to call me home. I needed to attain a certain maturity before I would be ready, both in myself and in my Beloved relationship with my own Divine Masculine.

The Red Rose Through the Ages

There were much earlier appearances that I didn’t understand, going back to my very early 20’s. For example, Mary’s sacred symbol, the red rose, is a very special personal symbol. It’s followed me through the decades and remains very sacred to me to this day. Most notably, I lost a child to an ectopic pregnancy in 1987. Her name was Rose.

It’s 2013, and I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. Mary Magdalene reaches out to me through a metaphysical shop owner in Oakland, CA. Also named Mary, she quietly keeps a Magdalene Temple in a nondescript shipping container in the alley behind her business. I’m gifted with two opportunities to visit this precious Magdalene Temple which is filled with orchids and roses.

My breast cancer journey is short and sweet. Leading up to my surgery, I’m reading the incredible book “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” and learning about Mother Mary’s mother, Anna, a very powerful spiritual teacher. As I go into surgery for my double mastectomy, my first nurse is named Anna, and my nurse coming out is named Mary. It feels like some very special magic to me.

I’ve recently been “assigned” by the Marys to read the book again. I’m absolutely RIVETED by this powerful, first-hand account of the centuries of preparations leading up to the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Visiting the Temple of my Spiritual Teacher

Mary has made a major reappearance in my life recently. Through a subtle process of listening on my part, She’s invited me to visit Her Basilica in Southern France. Here, in the temples and sacred spaces dedicated to her memory, they venerate Her and have at least as far back as the 5th century. The grotto in the Sainte-Baume mountains where she was said to reside after Jesus’ death is under the care of the Dominican monks (since 1295). The grotto has been tended by three different orders since 415. At the foot of the same mountain lies the town of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, where the town’s basilica is dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

The trip planning begins innocently enough. The original impetus was to visit the retreat center in The Netherlands where I’ll be teaching a women’s retreat at in 2020 with Caroline Muir. My thought is that as long as we’re flying across the pond, let’s stay awhile. Glastonbury and The Chalice Well are already set as the first leg of this pilgrimage. However, the extra week in Europe after visiting the retreat center remains a mystery.

My Very Own Divine Masculine

I invite my Beloved husband, traveling companion, and High Priest counterpart, Apollo, into my office to look at maps and train routes with me. And the trail of red rose petals slowly appears, one by one, as we talk it through. I know almost nothing about Mary’s sacred sites, such as where they are located, what they are called, or what they even are. I just know there are some, somewhere in France. We talk, I search online. Amazingly, my searches take me to all the right bits of information to guide us home to Mary. Even the online searches are part of the trail of red rose petals.

YOU are part of this!

In conclusion, I invite you to take this trip with me. Not literally, of course, but I’ll document and post it every step of the way. I’ll write, I’ll take pictures and video, and I may even make podcasts. Come with me on this journey. Delve into the depths of the mysteries of Mary. Follow the trail of red rose petals with me. Let’s bring Her Sacred Work to the planet, together!

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Part 3 is next, and it’s called The Long and Winding Road of Being Human. It’s about how travel (especially international) can take us way out of our comfort zone…

In love and devotion, Amrita

About Amrita

Amrita Grace is fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power through Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® workshops, retreats, and teacher certification trainings designed by women, for women. She’s the award-winning, international bestselling author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness” and “Dancing with Breast Cancer-The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness,” a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, an Ordained High Priestess, and Co-Founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School.
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13 Responses to Mary Magdalene the Spiritual Teacher – Part 2: Following a Trail of Red Rose Petals

  1. Betty says:

    Yes please do sign me up for your blog journey w Mary Magdalene! Thank you.

  2. Sara Oakley says:

    I am really looking forward to following you in your journey to the sacred sites! I have been thinking a lot about names lately. I chose my daughter’s name long before she was conceived and long before I even met her father. I was drawn to the name Rosemary and loved the sound of Rosemary Grace. Only after she was born did I realize how powerful her name truly is and I now I believe SHE is the one who chose it long before she inhabited the earthly realm.

    The last time I was in Europe I was 20 and just at the beginning of understanding anything to do with my own spiritual path. I am longing to return and make it a sacred journey filled with more magic and less alcohol. ❤️🌀🌹

    • Amrita says:

      It’s amazing how our children let us know how they want to be called! I’m ever delighted to have you on this journey with me in so many ways, Sara!

    • Amrita says:

      I agree that these figures are archetypal and am not at all attached to whether they actually walked the earth. The power that they carry in the collective and the healing influence they have on the planet along with restoring feminine balance is what matters most to me. I love entertaining all possibilities, and was exposed to this idea that the biblical characters may be mythical many years ago by Tim Freke. Thanks for sharing, Jivana!

  3. Dianne Corston says:

    Yes please, Amrita! This gets more and more intriguing!
    Dianne xx

  4. Teresa Gomulczak says:

    Please sign me up too.

  5. Barbara Wieler says:

    Please sign me up too, Amrita.
    I have loved reading your blog and look forward to your adventures!!
    Btw – and interesting to me! – my birth name (my birth mother’s maiden name) was Tink.
    Barb from Saskatoon

  6. Elizabeth W says:

    And so it begins . . . Thank you for the background stories . . . They connect and give me a better foundation. I now share your feelings of the call to go on this journey.

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