Part 6: Mary Magdalene and The Chalice Well in Avalon

This is the final post in the series, and the hardest one to write. My experience of The Chalice Well in Avalon was deeply personal and very close to my heart. I will try to find the words. If you have missed the first 5 articles in this series, you can start at the beginning here. I promise it will take you on an exciting vicarious journey!

A Priestess in our midst

The Chalice Well in AvalonEmma Beth came through my first Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator® Training in 2018-2019 and brought with her a deep rootedness in the ways of the Gaia priestess. I recognized her immediately as one of my own… a sister on a very deep level. She told me later that as soon as she looked in my eyes (via a zoom call), she knew she would sign on for the training program.

Who said that?

Em was one of the first 2 women to complete the Certification and become a Licensed Teacher. After her graduation, we started a regular schedule of monthly zoom calls. At the end of one of those calls, just a few months ago, the word “Glastonbury” just popped out of my mouth. It actually felt like it was spoken by someone else. Like a cartoon character, I wanted to turn around to see who said it, but of course I was the only one in the room.

She smiled and said, “No wonder Glastonbury has come up several times in the last few days! I live an hour away and visit there quite often!” The synchronicity felt amazing. I had never been there and I knew almost nothing about it. And yet, I’ve carried a bottle from the Chalice Well in Avalon with its precious water through 5 or 6 moves. Gifted to me many years ago, I held on to it but still knew very little about the place it came from… except that it is the mythical land of Avalon, to which I feel deeply connected. I knew it was time.

Excuses are helpful, but not required

A Plan quickly sprung up to visit the UK, with the excuse of visiting the retreat center in The Netherlands that I’ll be teaching at in 2020. Em and I agreed to spend a few days together in Glastonbury and look at venues for a possible collaboration. I realized that this is part of why I wanted to train teachers… so that I would have high-caliber collaborators.

As soon as I knew I would be visiting, I became a “Companion” (member) of The Chalice Well Gardens and learned more about this ancient, sacred well. Apollo and I arrived in London on July 29, 2019, and Em picked us up and drove us to Glastonbury. We passed by Stonehenge on the drive quite unexpectedly, and Apollo shot a pic out the car window.

The red thread begins in Avalon

Em described Glastonbury as “A place where you might see someone in robes walking down the street blessing things with a handful of herbs.” I laughed and said “Sounds like my kind of place!” As soon as we arrived in our Airbnb, I wrapped a length of red thread around my left wrist. I was on a pilgrimage to follow the red thread of Mary Magdalene from The Chalice Well in Avalon to the South of France, and I knew I was starting in the right place.

The “lost years,” found

It’s not common knowledge that Mary Magdalene and Jesus as well as many of their closest family members spent time in the land of Avalon in the company of the Druids and Priestesses. What is known as “The Lost Years” of Jesus is only lost because the religious patriarchy did not want people to know about the initiations and training He took in Britain, Egypt, and other Pagan and “heretical” places. I can feel their juicy, living presence in Avalon far more than in Southern France, where it feels reverent, but desiccated and somewhat thin, like ancient lace.

The veil was both thick and thin

The Chalice Well in AvalonThe first time I walked past the Chalice Well Gardens, before I ever entered, I felt a dimensional shift, as if I had walked though a thick, palpable energy field. That was just walking by on the street. Entering the gardens brought instant tears to my eyes and still does just remembering it. I have been here before and before and before. I have prayed here, meditated here, been initiated here, initiated others here. This is my heart’s home.

The way a rose is supposed to smell

The Chalice Well in AvalonOn one of my wanderings through the gardens, I smelled a rose that smelled like roses are supposed to smell. Roses never smell like that in the US. It’s like the scent has been bred out of them. I took one petal and brought it to Em, who was laying on the grass under the Yew trees. One sniff took her on a deep inner journey to the Land of Rose. That one petal held its scent until it was bone dry. This is an image of the actual rose.

The Chalice Well in Avalon

The Chalice Well in AvalonFor the next two days, I explored Avalon and the Chalice Well Gardens. We were there for the Lammas ceremonies on August 1st. I had some precious, sacred moments of alone time with both the wellhead and the Vesica Pisces pool. My time there was very short, but I knew I would be back as soon as I could manage it. Em and I found our venue and began to make plans.

Sexual Healing Priestess

Vesica Pisces Pool Amrita GraceThe truth is, I was an ordained High Priestess before I was trained as a facilitator of sexual healing. On some level, I’ve always felt how compatible these two aspects of myself are, how combining them would be brilliant. I wove that fabric deep inside of me and into my work and how I’ve evolved Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® into a presence-based practice… that’s my priestess side all the way. But now, with my priestess sister Em, I bring this potent combination to full fruition, knowing the time is as ripe as a juicy peach…

In deep reverence and delight, I give you

The Sacred Feminine Sexual Mysteries of Avalon

June 15-19, 2020, at the Goddess Hall in Glastonbury with ceremonial initiations at The Chalice Well Gardens and The White Spring. The inner mysteries will take place in The Goddess Hall, Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® as a mystical, magical priestess practice. This is the return of the Women’s Sacred Temple in the land of Avalon!

I’ve rarely in my life experienced this kind of deep-level excitement. I feel aligned with the energies that are guiding the evolution of my work, and I know that Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary are part of my team along with Ruby Rose, one of my beloved guides. The trail of red rose petals has no end. The red thread is somehow still on my wrist, 5 weeks later. The door is wide open.

There are more photos on the webpage… be sure to take a look.

I am yours. You are mine. We are One. All is Well.

Blessed be, Amrita Divine Grace

About Amrita

Amrita Grace is fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power through Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® workshops, retreats, and teacher certification trainings designed by women, for women. She’s the award-winning, international bestselling author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness” and “Dancing with Breast Cancer-The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness,” a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, an Ordained High Priestess, and Co-Founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School.
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7 Responses to Part 6: Mary Magdalene and The Chalice Well in Avalon

  1. Sandra Roselee G. says:

    I see how words cannot describe this. I felt the emotion through your words and tears welled up me as I read of your knowing in this sacred place. Wonderful that you will be bringing us back home.

  2. caroline says:

    What a beautiful Journey, sweetheart… I love that you are bringing this part of our HERitage back to the women who go through our Training… really your Training now. I am truly proud of how women can now be prepared to offer this sacred work to one another… Proud Mama Caroline

  3. Elizabeth W says:

    Now that was quite a sharing. I felt there. With you. Longing, remembering and missing it. Big breath in and out. I feel like I did in the arms of my sisters. Familiar, longing returned. I just want to hug you. And my sisters . . .

  4. Beautiful series of blogs, Amrita! I applaud your journey home to Glastonbury and your journey to Magdalena’s Southern France where it is said she spent the last 30 years of her life teaching and healing, and then ascended! I agree that the energies there are thin, not fully embodied but hidden and ephemeral, unfortunately. Daniel and our Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine clan got to spend a day on the isle of Iona in Scotland this past month, where the resonance and myths of Avalon are also present. Many Blessings, Dear Priestess Sister, on your new chapters of Divine Adventure. I will be initiating priestesses in Malta at the same time: Summer Soltice 2020! Let’s connect our circles!

    • Amrita says:

      Thank you, Anyaa. It’s been an amazing year that has informed my work and my life. I’m grateful for the amazing work you are doing as well and love that we’ll both be grounding powerful energies in sacred places at the summer solstice! I feel the connection and overlap of our circles and the ripples that go out to eternity! Much love to you, Anyaa

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