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As you enter the Sacred Feminine Women’s Temple, your senses will be filled with the presence of the archetypal feminine in her many faces, facets, and forms. 

You are invited to rest your precious body and being in the temple where you will be guided step by step through each process, supported by a safe sisterhood. Please, bring all of who you are… all of you is welcome here.

It’s perfectly natural to feel intimidated, nervous, and afraid to venture into these hidden, secret realms… and yet, it is within these realms that the missing pieces of your life have been languishing, waiting to be claimed.  There is immense beauty, empowerment, and grace in reclaiming your sexual wholeness, which ultimately reveals to you the clarity of your soul’s true purpose for your life at this time.

Amrita Grace

Amrita Grace is the Co-Founder, Visionary, and Director of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School®, creating a global community of women who are stepping into Empowered Feminine Leadership in alignment with their Soul’s Purpose. Full bio here.

Enjoy a Lifetime of Passion, Vitality, & Fulfilling Relationships®

2021 Events & Retreats

January 16 Sacred Feminine Conversations online (free)

February 16 The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness-The Alchemy of Abundance 6-week online program (Registration opens January 26)

June 7-11 Glastonbury, UK & The Chalice Well (private access)

July 8-11 Loveland, CO Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing Level 1 & 2

August 19-22 Bangor, PA The Art & Soul of Sexual Healing

Become an Empowered Feminine Leader with the Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator® Training and add The Sacred Feminine Mystery School teachings to your offerings!

Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator Seal
The next Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator Training begins Fall 2021 Learn More


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I am a leader of women.
I am a priestess.
I am an advocate for the Earth.
I am a woman who cherishes all life.
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