Praise for Amrita Grace & Caroline Muir

“Amrita and Caroline are gifted and embodied teachers.” Sara, MN

“The healing was profound and the unveiling old patterns and resistance about sexual healing was able to come to the surface in a container of love and sisterhood. Amrita is an incredibly open-hearted woman and awesome group leader. To be in the presence of Caroline Muir is to experience the presence of the Goddess.” Marcela S.

“In a tropical paradise, we dove straight into the deep heart of the Goddess. In a safe, grounded container, we explore our own edges. We emerged radiant and alive! Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing is a breathtaking soul journey!” Amy R, San Francisco

“This work is such an important part of integrated healing and wholeness. The facilitators held it beautifully and created a wonderful safe container to hold us each individually and collectively to perfectly allow our inner shadow to arise.”

“I was directed to Blue Spirit retreat center by a friend. The timing of the workshop was exactly when my daughter and I wanted to celebrate our 30/60 birthdays. In the title was two words – sexual + healing, and that is what drew me in without consideration of what the process might be. This workshop has opened my wounded heart and brought joy back into my life. It was a loving, gentle, and accepting process that I am so grateful for. The circle of women sharing and holding all that is sacred is beyond words.” Katrina, Maine

“This workshop is magic. These women are divine femininity embodied and so beautifully facilitated the creation of such a sacred space my heart felt safe enough to open her voice and sing. I feel pure gratitude to my new sisters and the love that is overflowing within me after this week.” Katie-Grace Thompson, Pacific Northwest

“If you are even thinking about doing this work… take the leap! Allow yourself to be guided into the depths of your feminine being by these highly skilled and wise teachers who artfully create a sacred and safe environment. Exquisite!” Carol, SF Bay Area

“I had no idea what to expect, but was delighted to be safely and carefully guided and carried through the whole workshop. It felt so safe and loving, and I felt a strong sense of sisterhood as well as extreme inner power. I highly recommend this workshop!” Kindra

“This workshop helped me find and release deeply held pain in my yoni that I didn’t even know was there, and I felt a much fuller current of life force running through my whole being as a result!” LJ, North Carolina

“Amrita and Caroline created a safe, respectful, honoring, and sacred space to explore my own sexual/spiritual wounds within circle of loving women. The power of this experience will reverberate outward from this time and place into the infinite – really, it was that powerful!” Barbara W. Saskatchewan, Canada

“I am humbled by the power of this work. Being in community with this group of women was a balm for my spirit. I reconnected to an ancient part of myself that is wise and expansive. The rippling effects continue in my day to day life. I am excited to continue the journey!” Gretchen

Amrita introduces the profound spirit of feminine empowerment and relationship to our physical bodies with incredible grace, sensitivity, and wisdom. From a place of ancient knowing, she brings this work forth to offer women a cultivation of sacred sisterhood and healing.” Hannah, Asheville, NC

“The experience of being in a group of women healing women in this intimate sacred space is a healing power unlike any I have experienced before. Amrita did such a beautiful job creating the container and holding and guiding us through this journey into the Divine Feminine.” Amanti

“Amrita is a graceful and gifted facilitator with great integrity.” Sophianada, Tantric Educator and Psychotherapist

“Amrita, you are like a stone thrown out into the great lake of life and the ripples flow out far and wide…I am one of those ripples! Thank you, sister, for your courage, your commitment and most profoundly your transparency that touches, moves and inspires me deeply. You are loved! I thank Goddess for you.” Kym Byant, Perth, Australia

“Every woman needs to know and experience this work. It is sacred and profound. It’s time for women to realize how sacred they are, to be healed, and together help heal the world.” KB

“Prior to the retreat, I had more of an intellectual understanding and grasp on parts of my process. This retreat helped me to deepen my embodiment of those. It held a safe and loving space to drop more deeply into my authentic self and to release the blockages keeping me from living in a state of freedom.” Amy, South Africa

“My whole life I have felt confused and ashamed by my lack of sexual energy. It took a lot to come to the mystery school and look at this part of my life. What I discovered was the relief and delight of safety and beautifully reconnecting with my body, my life force, and realizing that is what pleasure is all about. Feeling the aliveness in me, that dances and fizzes and flows and can be channeled in all kinds of ways – into sex, into creativity, into movement, into LIFE. A million times thanks. I can’t wait to take the playful, alive curiosity into my relationships and my life.” KB, Chicago

“I was so afraid, and within one day and a half I was not. I was not sure I could go through with it because I was going to look my biggest fear ‘right in the eyes.’ Thank God or whoever runs the universe and the love I stayed. I had the most incredible, amazing experience of sharing individual love; of feeling and living what is a truly deep, profound, sincere sisterhood; discovering that I am in love with life and what it means to be a woman. All of that in a deep, sweet, safe, respectful relationship with others.” Christelle, Switzerland

“This work is of such value for all women, regardless of age (or anything else for that matter). Caroline and Amrita create a beautifully safe space and a journey that feels perfectly sequenced. I am overwhelmed by the healing that took place here. I feel nourished, affirmed, and powerful, connected to a loving, supportive, strong sisterhood.” J. L., New York

“I could not have anticipated the amazing, transformative experience I would have with Caroline and Amrita. The level of safety and trust they created with us in our sisterhood group was breathtaking. The impact this work has already had on my partnership is more significant than I would have imagined. I”m so excited to continue on this journey in future workshops, to continue to do my own personal healing work, and to create a mind-blowing marriage with my beloved moving forward. Thank you so much. This workshop has been a tremendous gift and I am forever changed as a result of it. I look forward to sharing this work with other women and people and continuing the movement of Awakening & Healing in my community and beyond.” E.D. Durhan, NC

“This work has absolutely transformed my relationship with my own body and taught me skills and techniques to intentionally cultivate, manage, and express my sexual energy.” Iona Jones, Boone, NC

“I am grateful to be part of such sacred, worthwhile teachings and practices. Your attention to detail was impeccable.” Colleen S.

“Women everywhere should be receiving this work. It is for ALL of us. It is powerful, healing, and uniting. May we all be healed and united in love!” Sarah, Chapel Hill, NC

“Every woman is a healer of herself / other women. This is the beautiful and timeless truth Amrita and Caroline allowed me to recognize. I thank them for this priceless gift.” Amy F, Chapel Hill

“After this healing workshop I feel so strong and empowered. Each woman was and is supported where they are. In one sense, we all had our own stories and unique paths, but I very much felt that we were all on a journey together. We can take this healing energy into the world.” Molly M, Durham

“If you are a courageous woman who can no longer submit to the cage of wounding and past storylines running your life and keeping you small and inhibited, there is no other work I have experienced with the capacity to untangle, unwind, and release you into the freedom of yourself. I cannot put into words the tremendousness of this experience, only to say that I am forever changed for the better.” Aylah M.

This work/playshop delves into that which has seemed hidden from ourselves, our true essential sensual, sexual nature that illuminates our being. That which allows us to be the radiating stars that we truly are, so life can evolve into its most magnificent.” Sundra NC

“This workshop is a sacred container for us, as women, to hold and support each other in our growth. Witnessing ALL the hurt, rage, trauma, beauty, and joy we each hold within us. It helped me feel solidarity with my sisters and that we are healing the whole earth by holding space for each other to heal ourselves. Women need women friends, connection and support and this offers that in a beautiful, transformational, consciousness-expanding way. The most powerful, sacred part of ourselves needs permission to be loved and powerful. That can be felt here.” Rachel G

“These few days will change your life. The safety, community, deep healing, and profound potency of this approach goes beyond words, beyond but including our own stories and wounding, beyond where other healing modalities that don’t include our yonis can go. Challenge yourself, treat yourself, delight yourself, and step more fully into the embodied wholeness that is your birthright by taking this course.” JC, somatic healer and educator, North Carolina

“After years of shame, repression, self-consciousness, and lack of sexual consciousness, this retreat gave me the awareness, confidence, and aliveness that my mind, heart, soul, and yoni was asking for. I was able to release traumas that I didn’t even realize were being held captive inside my yoni. I learned that my body is for MY pleasure, not only the pleasure of a man, and that maybe one day I will enter into a relationship which can be mutually rewarding on all levels. Caroline and Amrita are the goddesses that empower women to bring alive the goddess in themselves. Thank you both for sending me further on my healing journey! Dani, Denver, Colorado