The Sacred Feminine Mystery School
Founded by Caroline Muir and Amrita Grace 

2017-2018 Live Events:



Nov 4-11 ~ Costa Rica: Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing Retreat for Women with Caroline Muir & Amrita Grace (more info) ONE SPOT HAS OPENED UP!

Feb 2-3 ~ Boone, NC: Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing for Women – Authentic Expression & Conscious Embodiment Level 1 with Iona Jones & Amrita Grace (more info)

Feb 4-5 ~ Boone, NC: Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing for Women Level 2 with Amrita Grace (more info)

March 16-18, 2018 ~ Asheville, NC: Sacred Sexual Healing: Yoni Love for Women with Amrita Grace (more info)

April 21-28, 2017 ~ Maui, Hawaii: Sacred Feminine Awakening & Healing for Women with Caroline Muir & Amrita Grace (more info)

After 6 amazing gatherings, Sacred Feminine Conversations is now complete. Thank you for your participation!

The Sacred Feminine is rising and calling us forth to our highest soul alignments all over the planet!

We are being divinely guided into full embodiment of the feminine in all our acts and deeds, and invited to release everything that does not serve a fully embodied, ecstatic, joyful human experience.

As women, one of the most important parts of this process is the reclaiming of our life-force energy; our passion, our pleasure, and our delight in our own bodies, whether we have a partner or not. Self-love and recognition of our own intrinsic beauty is our birthright!

What is standing in the way? From childhood wounding to teenage angst to adult dissatisfaction, all overshadowed by the cultural obsession with sex as a commodity/sex as a forbidden, dirty secret. It’s time to take our sexual power back and balance our own inner feminine and masculine. This is where changing the world happens… inside each of us.


When women gather in sacred circle, anything and everything is possible. When women learn how to hold space for each other’s sexual awakening and healing, big magic happens. This is the leading edge of personal growth and development – the final frontier.