The Sacred Feminine Mystery School

Founded by Caroline Muir and Amrita Grace 

Enjoy a Lifetime of Passion, Vitality and Fulfilling Relationships
With Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing®

2018 Live Events

Taking Applications Now
Begins July 2018 & May 2019
Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator™
Teacher Training Program
with Amrita, Caroline, & guest teachers (more info)

July 20-24 ~ Oregon Tantra Festival
I’ll be teaching individually and offering Tantric Shamanic Breathwork
with my Beloved (more info)

Sacred Feminine Conversations August 11 ~ 1:00 pm EDT
with Caroline Muir & Amrita Grace (register here)

October 12-14 ~ Oakland Hills, CA
Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing for Women-A Therapeutic Approach with Amrita Grace (more info)

Nov 24-Dec 1 ~ Costa Rica
Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing (AH)™ Retreat for Women
with Caroline Muir & Amrita Grace 
(more info)

If you’re looking for the fast track
to feminine power and embodiment,
you are in the right place!

As a woman, one of the most important parts of this process is the reclaiming of your life-force energy; your passion, your pleasure, and your delight in your own body, whether you have a partner or not.

What’s standing in the way? From childhood wounding to teenage angst to adult dissatisfaction, all overshadowed by the cultural obsession with sex as a commodity/sex as a forbidden, dirty secret. It’s time to take your sexual power back and balance your inner feminine and masculine!