Amrita’s Breast Cancer Story

Post surgery 8 weeks cropped

8 weeks post-surgery with a 21″ hip-to-hip scar and reconstructed breasts using my belly tissue. I got a boob job and a tummy tuck!

My breast cancer story is highly unusual… read on!

My closest friends have a hard time remembering I ever had breast cancer, because I never acted like a cancer patient. I was clear and decisive about my treatment and made an amazingly fast journey from diagnosis to cancer free… less than 3 months. I’ve never been healthier or happier than I am now.

Rewinding back now… the first couple decades of my adult life were ruled by sexual addiction resulting from childhood sexual abuse. When I bottomed out like all fortunate addicts do, I invested in well over a decade of therapy and deep, intensive personal work, including extensive sexual healing. I even wrote and published an award-winning book about that, called Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness.

By the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had some amazing tools in my emotional toolbox. I was not afraid of death, I had no regrets about how I’d lived my life, and I KNEW exactly why I had manifested the dis-ease into my experience. On every level, I was totally prepared to deal with breast cancer.

Although prior to my diagnosis I had occasional fears about having breast cancer, when it came down to the reality of it, I was actually relieved. My husband and I looked at each other and laughed, in part because the doctor was so ridiculously discombobulated about delivering the news, and in part because we saw it as a clear sign that it was time to “change the channel” in our lives.

Perhaps you are asking yourself why I would be relieved; a natural question. I was relieved because I had gotten myself entrenched into what I thought was my soul’s calling, my life’s work, over the course of the prior decade. I was giving it 1000 percent and it was going nowhere and had never even come close to being successful or sustainable. But I stayed in it because I thought it was where I was supposed to be.

I was really stuck. In the 2 years prior to my diagnosis, I had focused specifically on unwinding whatever was keeping me from being successful, but I just couldn’t shift it. The breast cancer diagnosis was a signal that it was okay to finally just let it go, completely. And that was a huge relief. Breast cancer was a massive turning point for me and was leading me exactly where I needed to go.

I said earlier that I knew why I manifested breast cancer. In truth, the reasons are multi-layered and multi-faceted. The simple answer is that I believe that breast cancer is a mystery school that I was being called to attend and graduate from so that I could create a new paradigm for women.

In this new paradigm, which I call Dancing with Cancer®, cancer is an initiation into the higher mysteries… a soul journey that calls you into full responsibility and integrity for your experiences, your reality, your emotions, and your relationship with your body. On the other side of this initiation is the opportunity to THRIVE no matter what your treatment choices and whatever the outcome. Thrive is an internal state that we can choose and create and I am a living example!

So… are you ready to THRIVE? Let me take you on a journey…

Dancing with Cancer – The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness