Women, are you ready to take your teaching and healing business to the leading edge of personal growth?

Official Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator® Teacher Training Amrita Grace, Facilitator - Caroline Muir, Coach Begins July 2018


• Increase demand for your body of work and teachings • Accelerate your capacity to draw abundance and wealth • Refine your marketing and facilitation skills • Enhance your business and entrepreneurial skills • Rise to your full potential as a teacher and healer • Renew your mission and purpose on the planet • Weave your gifts into a cohesive whole  


• Unite personal and collective Sexuality and Spirituality  

• Immerse in the Supportive Awakening & Healing Sisterhood  

• Empower your Magnetic Feminine Presence  

• Electrify your Sexual Vitality and Energetic Aliveness  

• Sanctify your Body, your Mind, and your Heart  

• Deepen your ability to hold Powerful, Safe, Sacred Space  

• Access your Intuition, Guidance, & Spiritual Support System

• Tap an Endless Source of Creative Power and Confidence  

• Embrace your Passion for Changing the World!  

The 6-Month Certification Training Includes

 Two 5-Day Live Intensives with lodging and food included

A multi-module Online Training Course to learn at your own pace

6 Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Amrita and Caroline

Done-for-you Business and Marketing Worksheets 

An Embodied Understanding & Practice of Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing (AH)™ for all Genders

All the Skills and Tools you need to Organize and Teach AH Workshops

Monthly Assignments and Practicums

A Graduation Ceremony and Frameable Certificate

A Growing Global Community of Certified Spiritual Sexual Educators

Ongoing support through our Private Facebook Forum

Your own professional page on our Website Promoting Your Offerings*

Use of Our Professional Logos and Trademarks in your Marketing*

Opportunites to assist with Sacred Feminine Mystery School retreats in your area*

Generous Commissions for Referrals*

*Annual Licensing Fee Required to Maintain Certification

This training is NOT for you if...

You are just beginning your spiritual path

You are stuck in poverty consciousness

You are not ready face codependency and spiritual bypass in yourself

You are fine with your life the way it is and don't want change

You embrace a belief system that says sexuality is sinful or dirty

Meet Your Facilitators

Amrita Grace, Director & Facilitator

Amrita has been fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power since 2000 so they can live the fulfilled and inspired lives they dream of. 

She’s the award-winning, bestselling author of Reclaiming Aphrodite – The Journey to Sexual Wholeness as well as a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, a Certified Divine Feminine Educator, an Ordained High Priestess and Shamanic Minister, a Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator, and a Licensed Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher. 

Amrita brings her background in sacred ceremony, sensual and ecstatic dance, and conscious communication to the mix along with her impeccable attention to detail and her unbridled enthusiasm for living a vibrant, authentic, magical life.

Amrita Grace
Caroline Muir

Caroline Muir, Coach and WisdomKeeper 

Caroline is internationally celebrated as a Tantra Yoga educator, best-selling author, and the Queen of the modern Tantra movement. Author of two best-selling books, Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening and Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving, Caroline founded the Divine Feminine Institute for Men and Women in 2004, now Divine Feminine Awakening.

Over the course of the last decade, Caroline has refined the ancient art of Sacred Spot Massage into a uniquely feminine Sexual Awakening & Healing Practice (AH), and women flock to her in droves just to be in her poetic, loving heartspace.  

Apollo Grace, Adjunct Staff 

Apollo is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and Divine Feminine Ambassador, a Mankind Project member and initiate, a Shamanic Minister, a Shamanic Astrologer, and a Graduate of the International School of Temple Arts. He works with all genders to help them develop transformational and vibrant relationships with themselves and others.

As a facilitator of Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing, Apollo holds a clean, clear space for both shadow and light without judgement, honoring both the divine and the shadow impulses within each person.

Apollo Grace

Profound praise from participants of our programs...

“This workshop was the most potent, profound, and beautiful workshop I’ve ever experienced. For women, there is no greater gift you can give yourself than to experience this work with Amrita and Caroline.” Collette Segalla, Ph.D, Raleigh, NC  

"This is the most beautiful, deep, healing work I have ever been witness to in my life and I have experienced a LOT of powerful work! What a profound honor to be with Amrita, Caroline, and all of our amazing sisters, and to continue spreading this work into the world. It is SO needed! " Kelly Stack, Chapel Hill, NC KellyStack.com  

“To witness women of different ages, nationalities, and backgrounds all truly seeing each other, deepening their connections to themselves, and emerging from the journey awakened was mutually awakening to me. I felt myself immersed in a microcosm of a planetary paradigm shift, and it left me feeling optimistic about the possibilities for women to heal themselves, their female lineages, and the planet." Rachel Fiske, Chicago UGoddessYoga.com  

“Being with and working with the power of AH had gifted me with the courage and strength to continue in my internal work of personal sexual trauma healing and my external work of supporting others on a similar journey.” Celina Wigle, Sexual Wellness Mentor, NYC CelinaWigle.com  

"Learning the AH practice strengthened, expanded, and grounded the women’s healing work that I was already facilitating. The structure and guidance of Caroline and Amrita’s expert teachings has empowered me to share this technique, and others, in much bigger and broader ways, and has given me valuable tools to incorporate into both my personal life and my professional practice." Iona Jones, Boone, NC VibrantVessel.com

"Amrita and Caroline are gifted and embodied teachers." Sara, MN  

"Every woman is a healer of herself and other women. This is the beauiful and timeless truth Amrita & Caroline allowed me to recognize. I thank them for this priceless gift." Amy F. Chapel Hill, NC  

"I could not have anticipated the amazing, transformative experience I would have with Caroline and Amrita. This workshop has been a tremendous gift and I am forever changed as a result of it. I look forward to sharing this work with other women and people and continuing the movement of Awakening & Healing in my community and beyond." E.D. Durhan, NC  

"This work is such an important part of integrated healing and wholeness. The facilitators held it beautifully and created a wonderful safe container to hold us each individually and collectively to perfectly allow our inner shadow to arise." nancyburns.com

"If you are even thinking about doing this work… take the leap! Allow yourself to be guided into the depths of your feminine being by these highly skilled and wise teachers who artfully create a sacred and safe environment. Exquisite!" Carol, SF Bay Area

"Amrita is a graceful and gifted facilitator with great integrity." Sophianada, Tantric Educator an Psychotherapist.

“I am humbled by the power of this work. Being in community with this group of women was a balm for my spirit. I reconnected to an ancient part of myself that is wise and expansive. The rippling effects continue in my day to day life. I am excited to continue the journey!” Gretchen

"Amrita introduces the profound spirit of feminine empowerment and relationship to our physical bodies with incredible grace, sensitivity, and wisdom. From a place of ancient knowing, she brings this work forth to offer women a cultivation of sacred sisterhood and healing." Hannah, Asheville, NC

"Amrita, you are like a stone thrown out into the great lake of life and the ripples flow out far and wide...I am one of those ripples! Thank you, sister, for your courage, your commitment and most profoundly your transparency that touches, moves and inspires me deeply. You are loved! I thank Goddess for you." Kym Byatt, Perth, Western Australia

When women gather in sacred circle, anything and everything is possible. When women learn how to hold space for each other’s sexual awakening and healing, big magic happens. This is the leading edge of personal growth and development – the final frontier.

During the live components of the Certification Training, you will be giving, receiving, & supporting Awakening and Healing Sacred Spot Touch and Massage (AH) as well as the fully-clothed energy work featured in the video above. You will be guided step by step with love, compassion, graceful mastery, and the highest of integrity. The video will give you a taste of the immense power of this work.

What makes The Sacred Feminine Mystery School different from other Sacred Sexuality Schools?

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School was specifically designed to lovingly transmit Women's Sexual Mysteries and to Awaken and Heal Feminine Sexuality. It was created by women, for women. 

So much of what is being taught in the realm of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra has originated from masculine traditions and is geared toward men. As women, we have a completely different experience of how sexual energy dances in our bodies.

There are plenty of schools and individuals teaching fly-by-night programs and cheap weekend "certifications" in the unregulated field of spiritual sexual education. At The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, we value, embody, uphold, and teach the highest possible standards and ethics for Certified Spiritual Sexual Educators in our 6-month program.

We've spent more than a decade refining our signature Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing™practices into a graceful, accessible, divinely feminine body of work. You won't find this uniquely feminine experience anywhere else!